• Viagraandmore.com is an online store/pharmacy of generic medications and it is not included in the producing of any of the medications provided at the site.
  • It is suggested to talk with your health care professionals before placing order for medication from the site.   
  • As Viagraandmore.com is an online pharmacy, it is not responsible for any sort of information in regards to the medicine presented on the site. Furthermore, it is advised to follow the safety measures as advocated by the health care provider in regard to the dosage and practice of the medication.
  • Viagraandmore.com is not answerable for any harm or stern effects arising from the consumption of medications supplied at site.
  • Every content and information presented on the site is generally for informational intention only and therefore it should not be replace with medic suggestion. In simple words the usage of information should not be done for healing, treating or analyzing certain health predicament.    
  • Most indispensable thing is your age should not be lower than 18 to purchase generic medication from Viagraandmore.com
  • In case the package is spoiled in customs department, then Viagraandmore.com is not answerable for the harm.
  • We never advice or dictate any medication to consumers. The purchasers are only accountable for any advantages or adverse effects taking place from the consumption of drugs supplied at Viagraandmore.com
  • The main cause behind the low priced medicines at Viagraandmore.com is that we purchase medicines without delay from the manufacturers and this assists to keep the prices inexpensive.
  • We work with the confidence to provide healthcare facility that is via inexpensive generic medicines to people from all phases of life.
  • It is firmly advocated to avert modifying the dose on your own devoid of seeking suggestion from medical expert.
  • Viagraandmore.com is not answerable for any repayment if the consumer returns the medication owing to wrong data rendered by him/her.
  •  If you acquire a wrong medication or dispatch is made to an erroneous postal address as a result of our mistake, then Viagraandmore.com will retransfer the medication to you. Keep in mind that Viagraandmore.com will process the reshipping only if the purchaser presents fair claims.  
  • Presence of all the medication completely relies on stock with Viagraandmore.com
  • Cost of medication can vary without prior indication.
  • Clients can ask for order annulment or any modification in medication in 24 hours of ordering the same. Reimbursement or annulment post the delivery of medication will not be approved.
  • If the repayment and charge back requests not succeed to cater the requisite provisions and conditions, then the request would be cancelled.
  • Any products commence or demonstration about a service or product must be confirmed with the relevant manufacturer or party.
  • Viagraandmore.com never state that the medication supplied at the site are free from faults and will work your way all the time. This is because it is firmly suggested to go for an appropriate prescription from a certified medical expert before purchasing the medication.

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